Taco Mama

Jeff – So Julie and I went to Taco Mama in Mountain Brook tonight.  I was thinking about visiting the Pizitz Food Mall but we’ll save that for another day for our first time visit.  We have been to Taco Mama one other time, maybe a year ago, so we didn’t remember much about it. I had a quesadilla with ground beef and black beans.  It also came with sour cream and guac, which I did not eat. The meal came with chips, which were delicious.  They were light and airy, and had a very good taste.  The quesadilla was very good, and was too much for me to eat it all.  It was cut into three parts, and I ate two of the sections.  I would gladly go back again.  The restaurant was crowded, even for a rainy and stormy night.  It’s a smaller location, but they have seating outside for when the sky is clear.

Julie – Recently at work we’ve ordered the taco bar from Taco Mama a couple times and it has been really good. Some of the ladies I work with have started ordering from them once a week. I’ve not jumped on that bandwagon yet.  So we were trying to decide what to eat and we decided to give Taco Mama another try. I’d guess it’s considered more “Tex-Mex” than Mexican.  Tonight I had The Mayor which is 2 chicken tacos with lettuce, tomato, creamy-cilantro pesto and queso fresco. I got soft tacos and they came thin crispy tortilla chips (that I ate WAY to many of) and a side, I chose guacamole. It also came with pico and salsa. I ate the chips with the guacamole, the salsa was a little to tomato-ee (is that a word?) tasting for me.  It was a good meal for a rainy night.

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