Tip Top Grill / Bluff Park Ice Cream

Jeff – A Tuesday night is a great night for exploring new places.  It also helped that our son was on a flight to Italy so we were needing to waste time, and stay distracted.  Again, I had been to Tip Top Grill before, and Julie had not.  I chose the Corn Dog as I have great memories of high school football game corndogs, and I’ve been trying to find something similiar.  The corndog at Tip Top is close.  Its very good and I enjoyed it very much.  I had also wanted something lighter than a burger, so this did the job.  We shared french fries, and they were very crispy, and had an excellent taste to them.  We would have ate them all, but we were saving room for ice cream!

I had my favorite ice cream flavor at Bluff Park Ice Cream.  Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.  We ate inside the restaurant at a high table, and the place was pretty full.  It’s hard to do bad ice cream and Bluff Park Ice Cream didn’t disappoint.  They have a huge selection, and I really couldn’t decide but i went with my standard.  I’m still wanting to try a shake there, but hopefully I’ll be back soon!

Julie – There is an awesome view from the patio at Tip Top Grill. We sat on the patio, you can see part of the Oxmoor Valley golf course. On the horizon you can see the stacks from a steam plant, we wondered if maybe it was the one at West Jefferson, we aren’t sure.  I enjoyed a cheeseburger. It was good, could have used to have been a little warmer. The fries were really good.

After we had dinner we went for ice cream. They have really interesting names for the ice cream, I don’t remember the name of the one that I had but it was vanilla ice cream, brownie bits, pecans and I think it had caramel and chocolate syrup. It was yummy!

When you get your ice cream in a bowl you get a cool color changing spoon. Mine was either yellow or green and the cold would change it to blue. I’m sure kids really enjoy using those spoons. They also have shaved ice, the menu said that you can get a color changing bowl with the shaved ice, how cool would that be.

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