Railroad Park

Jeff – Things to do on a free Saturday.  Well, half a day anyway.  Julie choose to work and got home about 12.  After our usual discussion on where to go to lunch, we decided to try the Pizitz Food hall.  After lunch, we decided to walk around Railroad Park.  We had never walked and explored the whole park.  One thing we did wrong is that we weren’t dressed for the occasion, and had on jeans.  Big mistake, as it was a warm day in Bham.  We did try out our new camera, and were excited when a train came by.  The park wasn’t too crowded, and there was a family re-union going on.  We of course visited the Birmingham Candy Company and got Julie a chocolate covered apple!  We’ll go back when we’re more dressed for the warm weather.

Julie – At the Pitzitz Food Hall we grabbed lunch at the first place that sounded good. We ate at the Busy Corner Cheese & Provisions. I got the pimento cheese snack. The pimento cheese was really good, it came with crostini (toasted bread) and some of it so hard I could not even bite into it. There was a small spoonful of something that came with it that may have been some sort of pickled green tomato or something. It didn’t have a lot of flavor but was edible. Afterwards we enjoyed Railroad Park but we should have thought about it before we left home in jeans. We did stop by the Birmingham Candy Company at Railroad Park. I got a chocolate covered caramel apple, but I’ve not eaten it yet since we went for ice cream instead.

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