Happy Independence Day

Julie – We’ve not seen the first fireworks show or shot the first firework, but I can hear them going off all around us. I guess I need to just step outside and watch the neighbors show here in the middle of the street. We had talked about going to the drive-in last night but we didn’t make it after we got home from work and cut the grass.

Today we had lunch with the family minus Avery. He had plans with friends. Nana and I cooked lunch and we all ate till we were satisfied. We had birthday cookie for Tyler’s birthday. He’ll be 21 tomorrow. It’s been his “birthday week”. But that’s ok because my birthday celebrations start Saturday, my birthday is on Monday. Maybe I’ll celebrate for the week.

In our family this is the month with the most birthdays. Tyler’s is the 5th, Khalie-Ann (our great niece) will be 2 on the 6th, Aunt Marilyn’s (my Dad’s sister) is the 7th, my sister Sonya’s is the 8th, my cousin Camden the 9th (Sean’s wife) and mine on the 10th. We have the full week covered now that Camden is in the family. There were other family with birthday’s in July that are no longer with us. My Dad and Grandmother and Jeff’s Grandfather.

This afternoon we went to Toys R Us at the Summit to buy a birthday present for Khalie and then looked around Barnes and Noble. Took the scenic route home down 280 and across Hwy 119 since traffic was light. After we got home I worked on a baby blanket for our newest great niece that is due the first of September. I’ve procrastinated about as long as I can if I’m going to have it ready in time for her shower on the 22nd. We’ll see if I get it done. I still have a good bit to do before it’ll be ready. If not I have until the end of August/first of September. Right?

I’ve also made Tyler a birthday cake. The tradition at our house is a strawberry cake with strawberry icing from a box. Got that done and we’ll have it for breakfast in the morning.

It’s been a great day spent with family. Hope you’ve enjoyed your Independence day. Thank you to all the men and women who’ve sacrificed so that we can have the freedom that we so enjoy.





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