Happy 21st Birthday Tyler!! 

Julie – Wednesday was Tyler’s 21st birthday. Really are we old enough to have a child 21. I guess we are. We woke him up before we left for work and we had cake and he opened his card from us. Jeff went and picked him up after work and then picked me up. We went to Twisted Root Burger Co. off Rocky Ridge Road in Birmingham. I think it’s in the Vestavia Hills area. We all had a different burger. Jeff had beef, I had turkey and Tyler had the exotic meat of the day, kangaroo.  He said it had and interesting flavor. Not one he could describe. Said it didn’t taste like chicken.

This was mine and Jeff’s second time here. We couldn’t really remember what we thought the first time. Well the burgers weren’t real tender. We all did the build your own. There was nothing spectacular about them. I guess that’s why we’ve not been back. Don’t think we’ll go back anytime soon either.

After dinner we went home and he got his gift that was delivered that day. A stovetop espresso maker and a can of espresso coffee. He’s the only one of us that drinks coffee.

I think he had a good birthday. Now for my birthday celebrations to begin. 😊


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