Spiderman Homecoming


Jeff – Well this is my first official movie review.  Bear with me, as I’m new to this, and also don’t want to spoil anything!  Julie and I saw Spiderman: Homecoming Saturday after lunch at Lee Branch with friends.  I was very excited to see the movie, as I’ve been a Spiderman fan since I was little.  I remember having Spiderman comic books when i was little.  I can remember sitting at the comic book racks at a store in Dora, while whoever brought me shopped.  I also vividly remember having to tear the price off of the cover of a Spiderman book, because Mom didn’t want my Dad to see that it cost 60 cents!  Sorry for the deception Dad!  As background, I enjoyed the previous Spiderman movies with Toby McGuire, and I still think Spiderman 2 is one of the best comic book movies.  I didn’t like the Andrew Garfield Spiderman movies as much.  Something was just off with them.  As far Tom Holland’s Spiderman, he may have been my favorite part of Civil War, so I was eager to see him in his own movie.

To sum up, this was a very good movie, and I would highly recommend seeing it.  It’s fun, and light at times, which I enjoyed.  Tom Holland does a fantastic job as Peter Parker, and Spiderman.  I had to google Tom to see how old he is, because it’s believable that he is only a teenager.  Tony Stark / Iron Man thankfully didn’t take over the movie, and is in the movie the appropriate amount of time.  I also liked that Tony’s assistant Happy Hogan was a large part of the movie, and used as Peter’s main point of contact.  Robert Downey Jr. and Jon Favreau both brought something extra to the film each time they were on screen.  Whoever had the brilliant idea for Tony Stark to create Spiderman’s costume should be rewarded.  It was very entertaining watching Spiderman learn about the costume and communicate with the A.I. controlling the suit.

Michael Keaton may be my favorite Marvel “villain” as the Vulture.  It’s such a perfect story and very realistic of how he becomes the main antagonist for Peter.  There’s one scene between the Vulture, and Spiderman where I was scared for Peter!  Keaton brought a dangerous energy to the film whenever he was on screen.

Lastly, as humorous and light as the movie was, there was at least one scene which really moved me.  I won’t reveal it, but it’s a moment of danger for Peter, and it made for an emotional connection for me to the movie.

Quick thoughts:

It was a welcome sight to see Pepper Potts on screen again.

There’s a depiction of a newer Spiderman costume, and I want that now!  It was Amazing.  I hope it’s the new costume for the Avenger’s movies Spiderman is in.

For comparison, I did think Wonder Woman is a better movie, but enjoyed them both.

Wrap Up: Go see Spiderman: Homecoming.  I give it a 8.5 out of 10. Julie said she liked it but wanted more of love story.


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