Jeff – Saturday night Julie and I went out on a date night.  We seem to be doing that alot lately.  I had worked half a day Saturday, and Julie had worked on a baby blanket all day.  When i got home from work, we both ate lunch, and made a Wal-Mart run for more baby stuff.  Julie is hosting a baby shower next weekend.  We rested a little bit after that, and decided we’d go out.

This started our usual process of where to go eat out!  We finally started a list last week of new places we’ve wanted to try, but none of those on the list appealed to us Saturday night.  We consulted the Yelp app, and Julie had heard of a restaurant in Avondale in an old gas station, so we settled on trying it.  I must admit that when we selected it, I wasn’t that enthused about going there.  The thought of a restaurant in an old gas station in Avondale didn’t appeal to me.  When we drove up and parked, it only sealed my dread for eating there, as the outside of the restaurant wasn’t appealing either.  Also, as crowded as the other restaurants were in Avondale, we were able to park in front, which I thought was a bad sign.

As it turns out, we enjoyed the restaurant very much, and look forward to going back.  I wasn’t very hungry, and was planning on getting a cheeseburger, until I ran across Poutine on the menu.  The description said Poutine was french fries, brown gravy, and cheese curds, of which I like all of those!  You could add a protein but I choose not to.  So I figured why not, and picked Poutine for dinner. Julie had a salad, and Shrimp and Grits, which looked very good.  My Poutine was enjoyable.  The fries, and cheese curds were good, as was the brown gravy, even though it was a weird combination.  Julie liked her meal very much.  The service was also excellent.

It’s a small place, but not very crowded on a Saturday night.  We look forward to going back very soon!

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