A Visit to Chronic Tacos

Jeff – We visited a newly opened restaurant called Chronic Taco’s Monday night.  We made new friends this past year, and one of them left another restaurant to join and help open Chronic Taco’s in Birmingham.  They have been open about a week in Patchwork Farms.  When we visited around 5:30 pm Monday night, there weren’t many other customers to start with. However, by the time we left, there was a steady stream of customers.

The place is nicely decorated, and located in a new outdoor mall area.  There a still a few empty suites around.  They also have an outdoor area for when it cools off!  Julie had the Chicken Taco’s and enjoyed them.  I wanted to try new stuff, and they was plenty to try on the menu.  I went with a Potato Taco, and Chronic Fries.  You can get the Potato Taco with Rice, Beans, etc added to your mashed potatoes on a fried taco.   It had a very good taste to it with the potatoes inside, and the crispiness and flavor of the shell.

The Chronic Fries had french fries, sour cream, cheese, beans, and rice.  You can specify the different toppings and kinds of rice you want on your fries.  They also have Chronic Nachos.  The Chronic Fries were excellent, and could have fed both Julie and I!  It’s enough of a meal for two.  We’re looking forward to going again soon!  Maybe we’ll see you there.

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