Pot Roast and French Toast

Julie – Wednesday night Jeff had to work late and since we ride together and I had to wait on him we decided to try a new place for dinner. We went to Metro Diner in the Inverness area on Highway 280. It is in the old Steak N Shake building. I was telling a friend at work today about it and she didn’t know there had been a Steak N Shake on 280. Maybe that is why it didn’t last, not enough people knew it was there.

We sat at the counter and could see all the cooking taking place. There was some very yummy looking food coming out of the kitchen. There were about 6 cooks each working a different area in the small kitchen area. They would say something like “burger swinging” that meant that someone was about to turn around and place a patty on a bun. I guess they have to have code words like that since they work in such a tight area. You’d think they could have added a couple more feet to the kitchen area.  At some point some of the cooks starting singing. I think they forgot that people can see them. They caught me watching and stopped.

We were sitting right beside the warmer holding area so we got to see all the food that was coming out.  We saw things that we’d like to try next time. The corned beef hash looked good as did the scrambled eggs. There was a couple that came and sat beside us and they said that everything they had tried has been good. They split a reuben and fries. They also gave us a card for 10% off our meal.

So I had pot roast with mashed potatoes, carrots and onions. It was delicious. This is not something that I eat often, but growing up it was a weekly staple at our house.

Jeff had the pound cake french toast. It was actually pieces of pound cake that was used rather than bread. I had one bite and it was good too.


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