Hanging with the animals

Julie – Last Saturday we went to the Birmingham Zoo. It’s probably been 5+ years since we have been there. We decided to go and play with our camera. They are in the middle of a renovation and a few things had changed. One being that the main entrance is undergoing changes. They have torn down the main building that has been there as long as I’ve been going to the zoo and will be building a new building.  They are making a new updated entrance. For now you have to go in thru the Children’s area. They have also removed the 2 ponds that were right inside the entrance and have made a large green area. They have a classroom area set up with big boulder seating. Going in thru the Children’s area was different. There were a couple areas that we didn’t visit, one being the birds, the other is a building I don’t step foot in anyway, the reptile building. NOPE, NOPE not going in there. There are enough of those roaming around that I’d rather not see, so I’m not going in there to view ones on display. I’ve always avoided that building.

Some highlights from the day – In the area with the farm animals I was taking a picture of the hog in one of the stalls and I didn’t realize that there was another in there until he snorted, that caught me off guard. There was the goat sitting on top of the house and when I started taking his picture he turned himself around, did he do that intentionally? It sure looked like it. In the butterfly exhibit we saw several different kinds and sizes of butterflies. We saw one with only half a wing on one side. Proof that God takes care of the animals, it was still able to fly around even with just a wing and a half. The zebra’s were under veterinary care and we only caught a glimpse of them in the stable. One of the giraffe’s was licking the top of the fence post, apparently there was something on it that he liked the taste of. They have massive tongues by the way. One animal was cute laying there with his tongue sticking out. Maybe he’s a playful animal or maybe he’s became a jokester, who knows. lol! One of the ducks was sitting in the food bowl, maybe that’s the way he ensures that he eats, or maybe he does that to keep the others from eating. We saw the sea lions but we were there between shows and they were just swimming around.


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