It’s Game Day!!

Today is that official start of college football in Alabama. The Crimson Tide will be playing Florida State tonight and Auburn, UAB, Troy, South Alabama, Alabama State, Alabama A&M and I’m sure other colleges in the state also play today.  For the first official day of football we have made cheese dip. I know there are several different ways it can be made. Here is our favorite.


Start with a big block of Velveeta cheese, an 8 oz cream cheese and a can of cream of mushroom soup.

Brown and crumble ground beef and breakfast sausage and then drain. We normally use about a pound of ground beef and the entire roll of sausage, this makes it really thick. Today I used half of each.  Just so that it wasn’t so thick.


Cut the Velveeta cheese and cream cheese into cubes and place in the crock pot then pour over the soup and the browned meat. Heat and stir occasionally until everything is melted and mixed together.


Once all is hot and melted enjoy with your favorite tortilla chips.


Roll Tide and have a great game day!!!

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