Rainy Saturday

It rained here for what seemed like weeks and now it’s February and 80 degrees. Have we just skipped the remainder of winter, skipped spring completely and went straight to summer?? Hmmm it’s just weather in the south.

A few weeks ago on one of those rainy Saturday’s we ventured out to do a little shopping. While out we decided to grab lunch at a new place. This time we tried Ashley Mac’s. It had been on our list for awhile. We went to the one on Valleydale Road in the Inverness area.

I tried the salad trio. I got chicken salad, pimento cheese and the chopped BLT salad. I have to say that the chopped BLT salad was the best thing on the plate.There were crackers and a sour cream biscuit. The biscuit was different, not really sure if I liked it or not. maybe I could have made a better judgement had it been bigger or had more than one.

I’m still looking for a good chicken salad to rival the one that I enjoyed from Bella’s that closed a few years ago. The hunt is still ongoing.


Jeff had the hot ham and swiss. He wasn’t a fan of their homemade mustard butter. It appeared to be made with a really grainy mustard and he ended up scrapping it off the second half of his sandwich.

They have a whole refrigerated section of what they call Gourmet to Go. It has things like spinach dip’s, frozen soup, frozen entrees, frozen side, their signature salads and desserts.


All in all, it was a good day spent together, no matter the rain.  We enjoyed trying another new place, and adding it to our list of new restaurants visited.  On to the next new adventure.

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