Tiptoeing thru the Tulips


Over the years I have passed the white fence that lines this property many many times on the way to visit family. So I guess in some ways it’s a part of my childhood.


This fence now surrounds American Village. This was Jeff’s first time, I went on a field trip with Tyler when he was in the 5th grade so it’s been a while since I had been there. There were a few buildings open today so we walked around to look since we were there. Things had changed since my last visit. I’m sure it’s evolving.


But for the real reason we were here today, to tiptoe thru the tulips!! American Village in Montevallo is having their 2nd Annual Festival of Tulips. They planted over 100,000 tulips and are the only pick-your-own tulip field in the Southeast.

I think we were expecting just a huge field with tons of flowers that would make a beautiful backdrop. What we found was a field of wide rows of tulips. They were grouped by color and type. It was a beautiful experience even if it wasn’t what we had in mind. We chose not to pick any of the tulips. You could tell the areas where people had picked/pulled up the tulips, they left bare areas. What you do is you pull it up by the bulb so that you can replant at home, so you don’t just cut off the flower. You pay per tulip when you are done.


So many varieties, so many beautiful colors. The red was just a vibrant color. Some of the mixed colors were pretty to.

Of the 100,000 I found this one with a heart on the petal.


Here is a variety of God’s handiwork.


I like to see the difference of the middle of the flowers.


The weather has been perfect this weekend. What a great way to end it.


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