Mmmmm Chocolate!!

What’s not to love about chocolate?!?! Peterbrook Chocolatier has been on our list of places to visit for quite sometime. We had to make time for it when visiting Tuscaloosa. A few weeks ago we took an impromptu trip to Tuscaloosa and made sure they were on the list. They had all things Chocolate.

There was solid chocolate in all shapes, chocolate covered cookies like Oreo and Nutter Butter among others. Chocolate covered Ritz crackers and peanut butter. Chocolate covered apples. They also had gelato.

I got one of the chocolate and caramel covered apples and didn’t eat for a few days. I was a little disappointed that the apple was a little mushy. But the chocolate was very good.

We got some chocolate covered Nutter Butter cookies and I got Tyler and Amy chocolate covered Oreos that were decorated like a wedding suit and a wedding dress design.

Even with all this chocolate we did not overindulge!!

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