Who doesn’t like raw cookie dough?

Today was such a beautiful day here in central Alabama. Felt a little spring like. It has been a welcome weekend after all of the rain that we’ve had recently.

A few weeks ago Jeff shared with me an article about a new place called Cookie Dough Magic in Avondale. In the article the pictures looked like it was containers of ice cream. After reading the article I let him know that this was in fact cookie dough, the pictures were deceiving. Jeff said that he’d like to try it out even though he is not a fan of sneaking a bite of raw cookie dough when making cookies.

We added it to our list of places to try. Today after church and lunch we decided we’d check it out.

When we went in they offered a sample of any of the dough. Jeff jumped right in and asked for a scoop of chocolate chip. I decided to try the oatmeal cream pie and the peanut butter, two of my favorite things. After sampling I decided to go with the peanut butter. It was really good and had pieces of Reese’s Pieces in it. The scoops are VERY GENEROUS, but the spoons that they give you are really SMALL!! We managed to eat about half of both and that was enough for us. You can get a single, double or triple scoop. I couldn’t imagine eating a triple scoop. A half scoop was more than enough for me. I think I’ll stick with sneaking a bite when making cookies on the occasion that I do.

If we happen to go back with friends or something we’d probably split a shake made with the cookie dough. That sounds interesting.


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