Front Porch Bar-B-Q

We were planning for vacation and we had thought that we would leave early enough to grab lunch in the Foley area. We were on vacation time and ended up leaving later that we thought we would. Around Montgomery we started using Yelp to search for a place to eat. If you’ve ever looked for a place to eat in that area you know that there aren’t many choices. We had thought about eating the buffet at Priester’s but we’ve done that before, so we were looking for a new place. The place we landed on was Front Porch Bar-B-Q in Fort Deposit. This restaurant is located right off the Interstate 65 at the Fort Deposit exit. This place stayed busy the entire time we were there. There we people coming in that looked like they worked in a local factory of some sort. There were people there that were passing thru the area as we were by the looks of them.

I went with the daily special, which was smoked chicken with 2 sides and Jeff went with a burger. The food was good, but the tea had a weird flavor. We don’t drink soft drinks, so our only option was this tea or water. I’m not sure if it was the brand of tea or the water that caused the flavor in the tea, but Jeff went to the car and added his Gold Peak tea to his cup so that he had a decent drink. I don’t drink alot so I went with what was available and drank some water when we got to the car.

The had a patio area outside, and this is also where the restrooms were located. This was not the time of year to eat outside. Not only was the heat unbearable, but it was lovebug season, so they were EVERYWHERE!!! The front of our car was covered in black spots after this trip.

The food was good. Would be stop again, probably if we were in the area and needed a meal.

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