Today we attended the matinee show of the John Crist – The Human Being Tour at The Wright Center at Samford University.

There were 3 opening acts before he took the stage. There were times that we could not understand what he or the other comedians were saying, but we did enjoy what we could hear.  We weren’t the only ones, Jeff said that the ladies sitting in front of us were asking each other what was said. The man sitting beside me apparently heard things that we didn’t as he would be laughing when I was still trying to determine what might have been said.

John is an alum of Samford University. He threw puns at Cullman, Pelham, Irondale and Auburn football. Roll Tide.

Walking out we were a little disappointed in the sound at the show and said that made us feel old since we couldn’t hear some of what was said. Was it the sound system from The Wright Center, was it the sound that they travel with? Don’t know, but it was not good whatever it was.

We enjoy watching his videos on YouTube and Facebook where we can hear what is said. LOL!! Jeff has found some that we’ve not seen and is watching them now. We’d go see him again if given the opportunity and hope that the sound was better.

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