No Adulting Today!!!


On Monday we met Tyler and Amy for breakfast before they had to go adult for the day and we took the long way home. We took time to put our toes in the sand.

We took a trip over to the Gulf Shores/Orange beach area. We did some shopping at some our favorite souvenir shops, spent a few minutes on the beach, grabbed some lunch and stayed around to welcome Lori to the beach for her first ever beach trip.

We had Luna’s Restaurant on our to try list. We had found out that they had pimento hush puppies. We were thinking pimento cheese hush puppies which sounds delicious. So we go and we start with the hush puppies. Imagine our disappointment when they are just normal hushpuppies with pimento’s in the batter.


After we got over our initial disappointment we enjoyed our lunch. Jeff had the mac and cheese and I had grilled mahi mahi with buttered cornbread, smoked cheese grits and whipped sweet potatoes.

We didn’t take any pictures of Lori and Izzy arriving at the beach for their first beach trip, but I did snag this one from Facebook.


Then we started the trip home. It was an enjoyable beach trip even if it only lasted a few hours. We’ll be back soon Orange Beach!!!




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