Sunliner Diner

On our recent vacation to Orange Beach we found a newer restaurant in Gulf Shores that we had not visited before. It is about a block and a half to two blocks from the beach. It’s called Sunliner Diner. It’s a 50’s style diner and had a menu that sounded really amazing. We went there for breakfast one morning. We thought about going back for a second visit but we never made it back there on this trip.

The menu looks like a newspaper.

There were a couple of old cars parked outside and one in the middle of the restaurant that was set up as a booth. Note: If you sit here you may feel like you are being stared at, but people are actually checking out the car. You will probably be photographed. I witnessed lots of people taking pictures of the car, myself included.

There was a sign on the cars outside about not touching. We sat and watched people go up to take their pictures with the cars and completely ignore the signs.

The waitresses wear 50s’s type dresses even with the petticoats (is that the right name?) to give them a little poofiness.

The food was delicious!! I had a chocolate chip waffle with eggs, hashbrowns and bacon. It was a lot of food. Jeff had eggs, biscuit, bacon and grits.

As we were leaving I walked by the cake case. Oh my did those cake look delicious!!!

Just looking at these pictures makes me wish that we were close enough to go back. Until next time Sunliner!!!

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