YoHo Rum & Tacos

One night while on vacation we decided to shop and have dinner at The Wharf. We visited some of the stores that were still open. After the sun went down they had a light show. The music to the show while we were shopping was Baby Shark. I recorded and sent it to my great niece, and her Mom said that she really enjoyed it. Tyler and Amy were not as impressed.

When we finished shopping we decided to find a place to eat. The place that we had went there to go to we found was closed for repairs. So we looked at some of the menus for the other places and decided we’d go with YoHo Rum and Tacos. What’s not to like about tacos??

We started with chips and queso. I went with fish tacos and Jeff went with a burrito.

We had a view of the marina. After dinner we walked outside by the marina. There were some big boats there for sale. Some of these we were looking at and and trying to determine how they got such large boats into such a small boat slip.

We caught another light show on our way out, but this one was a different song, I guess since it was later and kids should be in bed they opted not to go with Baby Shark.

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