Paw Patrol Live

I have now seen Paw Patrol Live not once but twice. In January 2017, I went to Nashville with Sonya, Kaden, Ryan, Lisa, Sammy and Khalie-Ann to see Paw Patrol. In September 2019 I went with Lauren and Lori to the show in Birmingham.

2017 – When we got to Nashville there was a women’s march in downtown Nashville. Kaden was old enough to ask questions about what these women were wearing and doing. Ryan tried to get him away from it as soon as possible. I was thinking what have we got ourselves into. We made it to Broadway and went in a couple of the shops and then walked to the theater and enjoyed the show.

The kids enjoyed themselves, that is what mattered. We had the first 7 seats on our row. Ryan was in the first seat and I was in the 7th. Sammy walked back and forth from me to Ryan during the entire show. He tried to get past me a few times, but I think we did pretty well keeping him contained while his eyes never left the stage.

Kaden told us afterwards that he didn’t really enjoy the show. We told him it’s the things you have to do for your nieces and nephews. LOL! Sometimes it’s not what you want to do, but what makes them happy.

He was watching the show though!

The show wore the kids out. When we made it back to the van Khalie-Ann went to sleep sitting straight up in Sonya’s lap. When Ryan, Lisa and Sammy got back he was asleep in the stroller and didn’t move when they put him in his car seat.

We went and picked up some dinner and checked in to the hotel. We drove back home on Sunday. On the way back we had to stop at the Alabama welcome center so that Kaden could see the rocket. Sonya said that she had made several trips on 65 North just to go to the state line just so that Kaden could see the rocket.

It was a fun weekend. What I wouldn’t give to do another trip with my sister!!

2019 – In September 2019 I met Lauren and Lori at the BJCC for the show. We met early and walked over to The Southern Kitchen at Uptown for lunch. It was so hot, after we finished lunch we were going to be early for the show. So we went back to the car to cool off and to change Lori’s clothes so that she would be wearing her Paw Patrol shirt. It was at that point that her Mom realized she forgot diapers. Uh oh!!!

We sat in the car and cooled off while we waited for time for the doors to open. Lori figured out how to turn down the fan on the ac in my car. Thankfully she didn’t figure out to turn the heat on since we were already sweating. LOL!!

We got into the theater and Lauren got them a snack. We thought our row was going to be empty, but unfortunately the others on our row came in late and one of them stepped on the half of her pretzel that was under our seats for later.

The show somewhat kept her attention at times. Guess what happened at intermission, if you said a diaper accident then you would be correct. Lauren takes her to the restroom and thankfully there was another Mom in there that had a pull-up and saved the second half of the show.

While they were gone to the restroom I went and got a water and a box of M&Ms. We ate the M&Ms and when they were gone, Miss Priss put the box under her arm and pointed to the door. She was ready to go buy more. She went back to watching the show and finally forgot about the candy.

I sure enjoyed my 2 trips to see Paw Patrol and my time spent spoiling the babies. That is what I do best.

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