Every time I see the divinity candy at Priester’s Pecans I think about Sonya. I remember being really young and at church we were to bring our favorite recipe and it was going to be put in a cookbook of sorts. I may actually still have it somewhere, I’ll have to look for it the next time we are cleaning in the garage.

I don’t remember what recipe I chose, but I do remember what my sister chose. She chose divinity candy. She knew what she was looking for even before we got the cookbooks out, found our recipes and copied them down.

I remember the ladies at church asking my Mom about this divinity and she said that she had only made it one time. She didn’t even know that Sonya liked it or even remembered it. I don’t recall Mom ever it making again.

But I do know that every time Sonya stopped by Priester’s Pecans on Interstate 65 in Fort Deposit, AL she would get some of this candy.

Sister today this Priester’s divinity is in memory of you!!! I love and miss you!!

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