Get Outside – Chattanooga Zoo

With having been social distancing and not having a vacation we decided to take a weekend trip to Chattanooga, TN. We’ve been there quite a bit since it’s just a 2 hour drive from home. So we’ve done almost everything. So we started looking for anything that we had not done and we came across the zoo. We decided that is where we’d start a trip. We arrived in Chattanooga and went straight to the zoo. The maps on our phone took us to what may have been an old entrance that is now a back entrance. We had to check the internet for a better address. We finally arrived at the front gate.

The zoo had just recently received their first giraffes. There was the giraffe feeding encounter available.

We spent about an hour walking around the zoo. We found that they have lots of animals that appear to be from the monkey/ape family.

I don’t care for snakes AT ALL!! They had some of them mixed in with some of the other animals. I almost missed the red panda because when I opened the door the first thing I saw was a snake and I thought I had stepped into the reptile house and proceeded to turn around. Glad that Jeff convinced me to come on in.

We were admiring this bird when he took flight and we about jumped out of our skin since we were not expecting it.

This guy was out for a walk with one of the trainers.

We also found that they had lots of lizard type animals.

We enjoyed visiting the zoo and realized that we had only ever visited the zoo near home. So now we’ll consider zoo’s when planning future trips.

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