Besito’s Mexican Kitchen


It’s been awhile since we’ve been to a new restaurant. I guess we kind of got away from checking out all the new places since Covid shut everything down. but new places are reopening and we are getting back to checking them out.

We were in the Brook Highland/280 area of Birmingham and decided to look for somewhere for lunch. We didn’t have anything on our list in that area so we turned to Yelp. This was a great Yelp find. It was a new restaurant called Besito’s Mexican Kitchen and what intrigued us was a picture of the Mexican street corn. So we found the restaurant tucked in a shopping center near the fire station on highway 280.

It was still new, not very busy. We walked in and was seated right away. So we studied the menu and we didn’t see the corn so we decided on the queso dip. It was a little spicy for us as we don’t really like spicy food. We were still studying the menu when I found the street corn on the menu, it was called Esquite. But we already had queso. We were deciding what to have for lunch when I saw that it was listed on the menu as a side so a decision was made, and Jeff would get it as his side.

So we are ready to place our order and guess what, they don’t offer esquite as a side, only as an appetizer. Oh well, it’s what brought us here we may as well try it. It was DELICIOUS!! I don’t normally eat a lot of corn, but I ate a ton that day. It was so good.

We need to find an excuse to get back to that area. But it’s not convenient to get to after work, who wants to get in 280 traffic after work if you don’t have to? Our weekends have been busy and not slowing down for several more weeks.

Maybe we’ll make it back in the fall.

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