Waldo’s Chicken and Beer

There is restaurant that recently opened in Cahaba Heights, a suburb of Birmingham, called Waldo’s Chicken and Beer. It’s kind of like a fast food chicken place with a bar. We went for lunch on a Saturday. They were pretty crowded. After we ordered we found that every table was taken. So we started to sit at the bar which was empty, they did not have a bartender on Saturday at lunch. But before we got sat down a table became available. So we sat near one of the doors.

Our food came out pretty fast. I had the roasted chicken with white beans and tomato cucumber salad. Jeff had chicken fingers and macaroni and cheese.

The chicken and the tomato cucumber salad was good, however I was disappointed in the white beans, they were not fully cooked and still had a little crunch to them.

I tried the chicken fingers and they were good. They had a little spice to them.

The sauces that we had were good.

The restaurant is decorated with all things chicken. They have known pictures on the walls but they have been changed to include chicken.

They have an outdoor bar area and outdoor tables. I’m sure it’d be nice to eat outside on a nice warm day.

They have added additional parking, which is good because this corner needed it. The restaurant is beside Martin’s bbq and Big Spoon Creamery.

Take a trip to Cahaba Heights and check it out. While you are there you can get dessert next door you can have ice cream or go up the street to one of our favorite cookie places, Cookie Fix. You can thank us later!!

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