Ferus Artisan Ales

We have been to all of the currently open restaurant’s in the Trussville Entertainment District. The latest one we have visited is Ferus. This is where we had dinner for Jeff’s birthday and the food did not disappoint!

We saw some friends in the area a while back and they told us that Ferus had a good burger. So we moved it up our list. We were there on a Monday night. It was not very crowded and we got seated right away. We looked over the menu and Jeff went with the smash burger and grits and I went with the fish and grits. Those grits were AH-MAZING!! When a restaurant has “cheese grits” on the menu, you never know if you are going to get true cheese grits or just grits with an afterthought of cheese. These were true cheese grits with cheese throughout and they were delicious!!

It would be neat to be in there when they are working in the brew room. I bet it is a show when it is running. We saw a conveyor belt with cans waiting to be filled.

The restaurant is quite large and the tables are nicely spaced to give you privacy at your table.

They have an event area available. We’ve been there for an arts and crafts fair and some vendors were set up in the event area.

Excuse me while I go back to dreaming about those grits until we can get back there to enjoy them again.

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