Ehh Taco Shop

We don’t write to much on places that we go and just don’t really like. Well this is going to be one of those places. We keep a list of places to try. We add to it as we see new restaurants that open up. We had LaCalle Taco Shop on our list and then at some point we removed. Well we had came across it again and had added it back and we were in that area of Trussville the other night so we decided to try it.

So our first sign should have been the fact that it was Taco Tuesday and there were only 3 people in the restaurant. Jeff mentioned it, but we didn’t let that deter us from giving it a try. You order at the bar, so you are studying the menu as the bartender/food deliverer is staring at you and waiting. So we felt rushed as we were reading the menu and Jeff decides to go with his normal go-to which is enchiladas. I point out that I don’t see ground beef in the list of meat choices. The guy explains that it is cheese enchiladas with a piece of steak across the top. So he nixed that one, if you know Jeff, then you probably know that he is not a big meat eater. So he decided to go with a quesadilla and decided on chicken. I went with the gordita with chicken. I wasn’t really sure what a gordita was, but it had lettuce, tomato, avocado and chicken so why not.

They had a topping bar as you can see from the pictures below. I didn’t see anything to tell you what everything was. I did not have anything from it.

After you order, you seat yourself. Well considering that there were only 3 other people in the restaurant, we had our choice so we sat at a table by the front window. We started with chips and queso. The queso was good, the chips didn’t seem to be cooked in house, may have been pre-packaged, they could have used a little more salt. Our food comes out and Jeff can immediately see red and green bell peppers in his quesadilla, well he’s also not a big veggie eater and he’s definitely not gonna eat bell peppers. He tried to pick them off but that wasn’t going to work. So he ends up eating beans and rice for dinner.

My gordita was pretty, but the chicken had absolutely no flavor at all. The toppings were all good. The shell of the gordita had a cornbread texture. So after mine had no flavor I decided to try the quesadilla, after all that chicken had bell peppers in it. Well that was the only flavor the chicken had. So had they swapped our chicken then it would have been better for us. LOL!

The tea was really sweet and had a flavor to it that I think was just the difference in the brand of tea that other places serve.

But this is a one and done for us. I know now that we had removed it from the list because they don’t have ground beef. But it has now been moved to the ‘we tried it’ list.

Well on to the next new place!

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