Charleston, SC – Day 2

I guess we were technically still in the “south” as all of the restaurants served sweet tea. LOL!! Day 2 we start our day by looking for somewhere to go for breakfast. We found that Miller’s All Day was on the same block as the hotel. But guess what, they are NOT open ALL DAY, they close at 3:00. We found that funny since the name says “All Day”. So we walk to the restaurant. I had the chicken biscuit and home fries, I have to say that this was the first time I’ve ever eaten a chicken biscuit with a fork and knife. The home fries were really good they were seasoned well. Jeff had the Miller plate and went with scrambled eggs and sausage with his biscuit and gravy. After breakfast we walked around the street behind our hotel where Miller’s is and found Target which was open, and found some other stores that we had to go back to since they were not open yet. We went back to the room since it was early and things were not open.

We ventured out after things were open and our first stop was at a Christmas to Remember where we bought our souvenir Christmas ornament and then we went across the street to the Charleston Market.

The Charleston market is about 3 blocks long and has air conditioned and open air vendors. The common item was hand made baskets using the palmetto branches. They were beautiful, but very pricey. That is one souvenir that did not come home with us.

After we were done at the market we decided to take one of the carriage rides. What we didn’t know was that they have different areas and it is literally the luck of the ping pong ball as to what area you get to see. We didn’t get to see much of the city as we ended up in more of a subdivision area. We got to hear about the history of Charleston, but we didn’t see much of the city from the carriage. Our carriage driver was Austin an 11th generation South Carolina resident. The horse was Mason. He was 4 years old and 2,000 pounds. He is learning to pull carriages. There was a couple of times that Austin had to correct him to keep him in line.

After the carriage ride we decided to go to the Food Hall which was across the street from the market. I went with Souvlaki from the Argo Greek stand and Jeff got a charcuterie for 1 from one of the other stands.

After lunch we walked to the water front and to Pineapple Fountain. Then we went to Rainbow Row and to the Cathedral. We had hoped to stop in the cathedral for a visit, but it was not open to the public at that time. They have set times that it is available for touring. We then walked to the bookstore and a kids store that we had seen on our early morning walk. We did buy a couple of things from each and the it was time to rest from all the walking.

One the way back to the hotel we walked to the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist. We had been able to tour the one in Savannah so we wanted to see this one. We get there and take pictures from the street, but it is only open to the public in the winter months. We were too early for a tour. So we headed back to our hotel to rest before heading out for dinner.

For dinner we went to Henry’s. I had she crab soup which it seems that is a staple in the area as all of the restaurants served it. I also had blackened mahi tacos. Jeff had blackened chicken Alfredo. After dinner we FaceTimed Judah and and called it a night.

Day 2 involved a LOT of walking and sightseeing!!

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