It’s a Taziki’s kinda day!! 

Julie – A few years ago my office moved to the Colonnade area. Across the street there was a shopping area with a few restaurants. One of them was Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe. So one day I decided to give it a try. I looked at the menu and went with the safe bet – grilled chicken roll ups (grilled chicken, feta cheese and tomato in a flour tortilla shell). This has became one of my favorite places to eat and I pretty much always get the roll ups and fruit. I do occasionally try other menu items. The Friday pasta is also good. I’ve not been back to the Colonnade location since I changed jobs but there is one close to my current office just not within walking distance. 

When Jeff eats here with me he gets the roll ups with no tomato. We also ask for them to replace the salsa with there yummy tomato chutney aioli. 

So today I had the car, the rain had stopped so I decided it was a Taziki’s kinda day!! 

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