Adios Gallbladder!

Friday Jeff said adios to his gallbladder! We came in for what was to be a quick outpatient procedure and he ended up being admitted for the weekend.

The surgeon said that his gallbladder was very sick and it was a good thing he listened to his body and pushed for something to be done on Friday. That was a God thing!!

We went to the ER early Monday morning, like middle of the night Sunday. They did a CT scan and told us he had gallstones that was causing his pain and gave us a recommendation for a surgeon. I called them on Monday after they opened and the first available appointment was Thursday afternoon. As the week went on his pain got worse. Thursday came and the office called to move the appointment time up because the doctor wanted to leave early. We walk in the office and on the front of the reception desk it states that they are Faith-Based.

So when we see the doctor we find out he’s going out of town for the weekend and wouldn’t be back until Tuesday. So he went to check the schedules of the other doctors in the practice to see if any of them had any openings sooner. As he left we started praying for something to appear on the schedule. He found that his associate, who happened to be in the office that day, had a cancellation for Friday that had freed up a 3 hour block on his schedule. So they did the prep work needed and got us on the schedule. We hate that the person who canceled got the flu but we thank God for the opening in the schedule!

We get to the hospital at 6:30 on Friday for a 9:00 procedure. Of course they were running behind so it’s later in the morning before they take him. The procedure took less than an hour. I talked to the doctor after and he said that it was a very sick gallbladder and it was good that he listened to his body and pushed to get it out. It ended up that the doctor admitted him for antibiotics via IV. They have administered the meds along with fluids and ended up keeping him for 2 nights. So here we sit waiting for them to complete the discharge orders to release us.

So he can’t drive for a week, lucky for him I get to be his chauffeur for a change. Maybe I won’t scare him to bad. LOL! He also can’t lift anything heavier than a milk jug for 2 weeks.

Listen to your body!

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  1. Nancy Corriveau says:

    Wow Jeff !! Wishing you the best going forward, go easy.

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