Rodney Scott’s BBQ


You know by now that we are always looking for new places to try. One our our recent places has been Rodney Scott’s BBQ, this is new to the area but they have another restaurant in Charleston, SC. This may be the newest restaurant in the Avondale area. They were smoking all kinds of meats when we were there. Some were on the smokers in an area of the store and some were being smoked out on the front sidewalk.

There was limited seating in the restaurant. We ended up sharing one of the high 8 person tables with a family of 3. Beside us was a family of 5 at 2 different tables. The boys, who looked to be about 7 or 8,  were at a table beside them and they were having the smoked wings. I heard one of the boys asked the other one “so you like lettuce?” It was funny because he was eating the celery that came with the wings not lettuce. LOL!

The food was really good. I had the smoked bbq sandwich. There was no sauce on the sandwich at all. The meat was so seasoned and so good!! I had a side of baked beans. Jeff has the chicken fingers and mac and cheese.

This will be added to our restaurant rotation. There are still other foods that I want to try, it will be hard to try something other than that yummy chicken sandwich. Maybe they offer it on salads and other things.

Check it out!!





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