My Mother-in-Love

My Mother-in-Love was one of the most precious people on earth. She loved to laugh and have fun. She loved her family BIG!!! and she loved her friends. She put her grandkids before everything!!!! She was absolutely in love with them and would do anything for them. If they asked for something she made sure that they had it. If she ever got something on her mind she wouldn’t stop until she made it happen, whatever it was.

I am so thankful that God handpicked me for this family.

The first thing that she did for me 33 years ago, was spend her lunch walking somewhere downtown to buy me, someone who had only been talking with her son a few days, a birthday present from him. She then delivered it to my house on her way home.

Over the years we have done lots of things together. We worked together for 19 years. During that time I worked in the file room and would pull files for her, and at one point I was even her supervisor. Glad she was a good employee. lol!!

One time we took a flower arranging class in Hueytown. I think it was like one night a week for 6 weeks, so we’d go there after work. As hard as she tried, she never did learn to make a bow. lol!! She would say that her fat fingers got in the way. She just learned to do it differently.

We’ve went to Weight Watchers together, we’ve went to exercise classes together, we’ve scrapbooked together, we’ve shopped together. We’ve planned alot of family reunions. We’ve done lots of things together over the years. Eddie told me that there were things she would have liked for us to have done but she knew I had to work.

One night Jeff was working late so I was going to drive her home. It was one of those days that there was flooding everywhere. It took us HOURS to get home. We had to turn around several times. We spent hours trying to find ways to get home and driving thru water that I shouldn’t have, but we just followed the cars in front of us. We made it home that night in one piece, but come daylight we found that we were missing a hubcap off the van.

One of the things that I often teased her about, was that when it came time to cook she would get me started in the kitchen and then she would disappear. I would find her doing something else in another room. She knew I could handle it and she could get other things done. There were things though that we wanted her to make and others that I could handle.

She loved to collect cookbooks and read them. She would often joke when looking at them that she would never make anything out of them she just enjoyed dreaming about them.

She loved doing for Tyler. One of the memories is that after she retired and before he was old enough to drive she would pick him up from school and would go get him a “snack”, more like first dinner. After he was driving she would still go get him something to eat after he got home. She went to Milo’s so much that the lady that worked the drive thru would say “Hey Honey, what does he want today?” She never knew the ladies name, she always called her Hey Honey because that was her greeting over the speaker.

When she would bring him home she would sit with him until time for us to get home. If we ever had dirty dishes she would wash them up for us.

She always loved to have fun. She would be sure that the kids always had something to do when we were going to all be together, whether it was painting an ornament on Thanksgiving, having a silly string battle or buying reindeer antlers or bunny ears. She wanted to make fun memories!

I am truly grateful that I was the one that she trusted with her final wishes. I know she won’t mind that I didn’t put the dress on her that she thought she wanted. It seemed a little dated, and we all felt that she was beautiful in what she wore to Tyler and Amy’s wedding.

I hope I have made her proud over the past 33 years and I hope I can be half the person to Amy that she was to me. I had an AWESOME role model!!!

I love you Jane!!

Jane Carole Jones, 71, of Moody, Alabama passed away on August 26, 2019 surrounded by her family.

Jane is survived by her husband of 51 years, Eddie L. Jones. Two sons Jeffrey (Julie) Jones of Moody, Alabama, Michael (Chere) Jones of Remlap, Alabama, four grandchildren Tyler (Amy) Jones of Mobile, Alabama, Avery Jones and Michaela Jones. One sister Cathy (Buddy) Hicks of Oak Grove, Alabama. Sister-in-law Joyce (Michael) Freiburg of Bowling Green, Kentucky. Many nieces and nephews.

She was preceded in death by her parents C. P. and Catherine (Snead) Baggett of Dora, Alabama, and an infant brother, Parker Snead. She worked for New South Federal Savings Bank in Irondale, Alabama for 22 years. She was a member of Cedar Grove Baptist Church, Leeds, Alabama.

A special thank you to her Angels from Alacare/Encompass Hospice, Lindsey Cartrett and Jackie Byers.

Visitation will be held on Saturday, August 31, 2019 at Kilgroe Funeral Home, Leeds from 6:00PM until 8:00PM. Funeral services will be held on Sunday, September 1, 2019 at Cedar Grove Baptist Church beginning at 1:00PM with burial to follow at Moody Cemetery. Kilgroe Funeral Home, Leeds to direct services

February 2, 1948-August 26,2016

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  1. Celia J AllinderJohnson says: sad …I took like to read cookbooks just found one I thought I had lost…Julie you should write a book I read this and could feel your feeling you were writing like when I read Jan Karon…She raised a sweet son I am so happy you married him and so happy you were blessed with a sweet mother in love..I try my best to be a good mother in law to my son in laws …love you juju

  2. Deborah Hathcote Brooks says:

    Thank you so much for writing this about my very sweet cousin.
    My sister Barbara and I loved her very much but didn’t know she had passed.
    I’m very heart broken right now I will talk to sweet Cathy soon.
    I’m so thankful she had you for a daughter-in-love.💞
    She and Cathy were both brought up by very sweet and special parents. I loved her mom and dad so very much. C.P. was my 1st cousin and Catherine was older than us and was a good friend with my mother. She always referred to me as her niece. Lol. That’s who Jane and Cathy got their sweetness and sense of humor from. Although, C.P. was a sweetheart too.
    I don’t know if you ever knew them, but I know Jane is rejoicing in Heaven with them now.
    Thank you for your loving care of Jane.

    1. jonesjjt says:

      I got to know CP. I was in the family 8 years before he passed away.

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