177 Steps!!!

There are 177 steps to the top of the Pensacola Lighthouse.

While on vacation in Orange Beach, Alabama we looked for something different to do and found that the Pensacola Lighthouse was close by. So we decided to ride over to Pensacola to visit the lighthouse. We did some quick research and found that it is located on the Navy base and that you can’t take bags on the base and you have to have current ID and current insurance on your vehicle. So we set out for the Pensacola naval base. On the way we continue to research to find the visitors entrance. We pull up to the base and hand the guy our drivers licence and he asks where we are headed, glances at our license and tells us to have a good day. He doesn’t offer any directions or anything, so we drive onto the base keeping an eye out for the lighthouse or signs. Eventually we see signs and follow them to the lighthouse which is on the right side of the main road.

We started out at the welcome center/gift shop. They gave us some brief information about the lighthouse and the house that is attached and send us on our way to check it out. The home was a duplex that had an identical floor plan on both sides. They now have it set up as a museum with different information in each of the rooms and now it is one open area, no longer set up as a duplex.

Then we made our way to the lighthouse. There was a young lady that greeted us when we arrived and gave us safety information and sent us on our way. Jeff made it part of the way up and then he had to go back. He waited on me outside. I made it the 177 steps to the top. At the top there was an older gentleman that told me and the girls behind me that he was a volunteer. He told us about the type of light used in the lighthouse and how it was powered over the years and how it us powered today. He took the picture below of the lens since the mechanism around the light rotates. He said that he didn’t want anyone getting their arms stuck trying to get the perfect shot.

He told us that by sea the light was visible for like 23-30 miles and from the air about a 100 miles.

There were some pretty awesome views from the top! There were view of the beach and of the naval base.

Next time you are in the Pensacola area check it out, it is worth the visit.

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