The Thirsty Donkey

There is a new restaurant in Avondale called The Thirsty Donkey. This restaurant got added to our list of places to try because I came across an article about the opening. The owners, originally from Birmingham, moved to St. Johns US Virgin Islands and opened the first The Thirsty Donkey restaurant there, but in 2017 hurricane Irma came thru and ruined their building. So they decided to move back to Birmingham and open the restaurant here. The article said that they serve comfort food with a tropical island flair.

I had the Coral Bay Sliders. Which was conecuh sausage sliders with pimento cheese and house made green tomato chow chow, and it came with french fries. I wasn’t sure what to expect with the chow chow as I am not a fan of green tomatoes. At first I didn’t even give it a chance, as I raked it off my sliders, but before I finished I decided to give it a try and it didn’t taste like the green tomatoes that I remember having. It actually had a kind of sweet flavor, maybe it can be thought of as more an a sweet pickle relish.

Jeff had the Caribbean Pasta with blackened chicken. He said that the pasta sauce was already a little spicy and the blackened chicken kicked up the spiciness level. But that it was really good.

They also served us Milo’s sweet tea straight from the jug. What better tea to have?

We first visited this restaurant space in 2017 when it was a different restaurant. In 2017 it was decorated with old gas station type accessories and had different size fan belts and things hanging from the ceiling. Those are long gone and now has colorful walls with sort of a Caribbean vibe. There are also random pictures of donkey’s and a stuffed donkey around the restaurant.

We recommend that you give them a visit for a little Caribbean flair.

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