Hero’s Part Two

I recently had the pleasure of getting lunch with Julie during the week. We don’t usually go to lunch together during the work week. We had narrowed our choices down to a couple of places we have yet to try or Hero Doughnuts & Buns in Homewood. We had eaten at Hero’s once previously, and enjoyed it, but I had yet to try their cheeseburger.

When we went in, we realized they are expanding! The time before they only had a small dine in area, with a couple of tables, but they are expanding, and will have a large eat in area. It wasn’t quiet ready yet though. Once it’s ready, it might be a good place for larger lunch groups. It looks like it’s close.

For lunch, I was almost lured into choosing a Fried Bologna sandwich just by it being on the large menu behind the counter. I thought to myself that I came there wanting to try the burger so I stayed with that thought process. When I ordered she asked if I would like a fried egg or bacon on my burger as well, and it took a millisecond to agree to that! Julie ordered the Pimento Cheese sandwich, and it came with Flaming Hot Cheetos on the sandwich! Julie tried one and thought for a second it wasn’t bad but in the next bite decided that Flaming Hot wasn’t for her.

My burger was the perfect size, and cooked exactly like I wanted. I always worry when I get bacon on a burger that it won’t be crispy bacon like I enjoy, but this wasn’t a problem on this day. The burger was delicious. Julie enjoyed her sandwich as well.

Since the burger wasn’t over-sized, and since we were at a donut place, we had to try a donut while we were there as well, of course. I had been eyeing the donut case in front of us the whole time anyway, and decided on the Boston Creme Pie donut. It was chocolate all over with chocolate bits on top so I couldn’t pass it up. Since Julie’s favorite donut is the Blueberry donut, she choose the Blueberry Crumble. It was different than the kind you get at Krispy Kreme and other places. It had a type of Blueberry jam on top and crumbles spread on top as well. We both enjoyed the donuts.

It’s a cool little place and we’ll be back soon for lunch.

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