SOHO Social

We had heard of SOHO Social and decided to give it a try one day for lunch. Really wish that they had a lunch menu with lunch prices, but they just have one menu so it made for a bit of a pricey lunch.

We had been wanting to try the pimento mac and cheese bites, so we started with that as an appetizer. They are good. We’ll have to go back again just for the cheese bites.

I went with the almost famous chicken and waffles with a side of gouda grits and Jeff got a basket of mini corndogs. Jeff liked the mini corn dogs, and the chicken and waffles was pretty good.

We went again in December with friends and I again got the chicken and waffles, it wasn’t until I was eating them that I remembered that is what I had the other time that we went. Next time I’ll be sure and try something different.

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