Christmas at Eddie’s Florist

Since we were in Tennessee for a long weekend we decided to check to see if Eddie’s Florist in Henegar had their Christmas trees up yet, and they did. So we decided on the way home that we would make our 2nd trip to see their beautiful trees. We found them a few years ago from a billboard in Gadsden. There is A LOT of work that goes into decorating all these beautiful trees.

The trees start as soon as you walk in the front door. There are trees to the left and the right, just choose your direction and start admiring the work. They are in all the rooms, in the greenhouse, hallways, they are everywhere that they can find space to put up a tree and they are all different, none of them are the same.

I just watched a video on their Facebook page and she said that they had told her that they have been doing this for 30+ years and that people come from all over to see the trees.

You can shop from the trees, the baskets, shelves, every where around each tree.

You can check them out on Facebook at Christmas at Eddie’s Florist to see when they will start their trees. Looks like they start with an open house mid-October and run thru Christmas Eve.

We found several ornaments for our tree and trinkets for our home. This is one of the special things that we bought this year.

If you are traveling on I-59 between Gadsden, AL and Chattanooga, TN between October and December, look them up and take a quick trip up to Henegar, Alabama and check them out. They are about 10 miles off the interstate. You’ll be glad you did.

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