Shadrack’s Christmas Wonderland

Since we are chasing the spirit of Christmas this year, we decided that we would check out the Christmas lights at the Birmingham Race Course. Since we didn’t know what to expect, we searched online to try to determine how long it takes to go thru the displays, but we couldn’t find any suggestions. When we got there there weren’t any signs or people directing you to the start. We found out that it was a drive thru, you don’t get out of your car. When you pay they tell you what station to tune your radio to, the lights are synchronized with the music. The displays weave you thru the old stable area. Some of the potholes were a little hard to see since you have your headlights off. It’s a good thing that you are going slow since you can’t really see them.

We decided to go on opening night, not sure that was the time to go since some of the lights weren’t fully working, they probably should have offered a discount since they were still working on some of the displays, but they didn’t.

The theme was nursery rhymes. Some we knew and some we weren’t sure about.

When we got to the end we saw men working in some of the light displays still trying to get lights on.

We enjoyed the experience, but it is not one that we’ll be heading back to yearly, especially not on opening night.

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