Pizitz Festival of Trees


We had heard that the Pizitz Food Hall was hosting a festival of trees for the holiday season. We went there for lunch after church one Sunday in December.

After lunch we went looking for the trees. What we found were decorated wooden trees on the sidewalk outside. They were all decorated differently. Some of them were even decorated differently on each side.

They also had a room with various vendors and of course Santa Claus. There were artists with various items, jewelry, canvases, clothing, etc. There was a florist from the downtown area that had some really pretty green plants. I almost bought a Christmas cactus, having seen so many blooming on Facebook, but for the price they were asking at the show decided to pass.

I tried to convince Jeff to have our picture made with the big guy in the red suit, but we decided to leave his time free for the little ones with the twinkle in their eyes.

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