Chocolate!!! (Sky Bear Confections)

I’ve been following Sky Bear Confections on social media that was coming to Trussville that is all things chocolate! I needed a sweet snack while we were in the area and decided to give them a try. They have a display case of all kinds of chocolate truffles and some of the most delicious melt in your mouth fudge.

The owner’s Mom waited on us. She gave me a sample of the fudge and it brought back memories from my childhood. She told me that it was her grandmother or great-grand mother’s recipe. Definitely not the kind of fudge you get in vacation spots that is thick and dense. This was light, airy and melted in your mouth. Good thing I only got one small slice. (Editor’s note: Julie ate it all before Jeff could get any of it.)

I tried the Elvis’s Peanut Butter and Banana when we got in the car. It is in the shape of a crown and has a creamy banana center. I was not expecting the banana when I first bit into it. It was a nice delicious surprise.

We chose a sampling of the truffles. Can’t wait to try each one in the box.

They package everything in the cutest boxes. Jeff got a chocolate covered oreo that was pulled from the case and placed in a cute gold box that was just big enough for the cookie covered with waxed paper.

The owner told us that she is waiting on some machines to start her coffee shop part of the shop.

Follow her on social media for her hours. Right now they are limited so that she has time to create the beautiful truffles.

This will be a stop when we are in Trussville.

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