Barbecue Stop

With Covid-19 it’s been awhile since we tried a new restaurant. But we have tried to get back to finding new restaurants, working thru our list of places that we’ve yet to visit.

We have had the Barbecue Stop at Clay on our list for quite some time. We decided on a VERY cold Saturday to pick something new off of our list. We decided on this one. We had never even driven by this restaurant so we weren’t sure what to expect, but off we went.

We found the restaurant and at first were unsure if they had indoor seating. They do, but it appears to be a separate enclosed porch area. Therefore, there are not insulated walls or central heating and air. There was a wall mounted heater on the wall that was set to 80 and a portable heater on the floor, but lets just say that they were doing very little to heat the area on this cold day. There was another couple that had also decided to dine in and they at one point asked us if the heat was actually on. We will have to go back when the weather is warmer.

I had the combo of the ribs and chicken. I opted for my sauce on the side and chose the award winning peach barbecue sauce. It was good. Didn’t have as much of a peach flavor as I had expected. I was expecting about half as much chicken and ribs as I got. It was ALOT of meat.

It came with 2 sides and cornbread. I chose the baked beans and onion rings. The baked beans were just ok, I only ate a few bites of them. There was a flavor in them that was not what I was used to with baked beans, not sure if it was ketchup or something.

The onion rings were good. The onions were tender which made them easy to eat.

It was SO MUCH food. I enjoyed all I could of it.

Jeff had a cheeseburger and mac and cheese. He said that it seemed to be a pre-made patty but was good.

If we are close by and need a meal we’ll definitely stop in.

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