McFly’s Bird Shoppe

We ate lunch in an alley for the first time when we went to McFly’s Bird Shoppe. It is in Birmingham, Alabama in 5 Points South. It was on our list of places to try for awhile but we were not sure if we’d be able to find parking. It only took us one trip around the block before we found a parallel parking spot.

What is this a restaurant? With a name like this you would have to wonder what is this place? Well it is a restaurant that serves only chicken fingers. We were nearby and decided to give it a try.

We both went with the #1 combo, 3 chicken tenders with 2 sides and 2 sauces. Jeff went with mac and cheese and Old Bay fries. I went with garlic tots and garlic bread. Jeff was wishing that he had went with 2 servings of mac and cheese. He said that it was really good.

The sauces were good as well. Jeff went with Bourbon BBQ, and Black Garlic Ranch. I went with Honey Dijon, and the McFly’s sause.

They were busy with in person orders as well as online orders so it took awhile to get our food as it is all freshly cooked. But it was worth the wait! It was all delicious and we’ll go back again.

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