For my birthday this year we were looking for something to do, so we decided to visit Wetumpka to see what HGTV Hometown Takeover had completed while there.

We had never been to the area before so we aren’t sure what it looked like before their visit other than what they showed during the shows.

We took the Highway 280 route and just took our time getting there. We stopped at an antique store in the Chelsea area. It was larger than it looked. We finished there and arrived in Wetumpka at lunchtime. We got there and found that they were working on the main road into the area, so we had to take a side street to get to the area.

Our first stop was Coaches Corner. The place was packed and we had to wait close to an hour for lunch. We had wanted to eat there as it was one of the main focuses of the show. We had to see what Ben dubbed the “longest bar in Alabama”.

We were seated where we could see the bar, but we were not seated in that area. We had a great view of the river.

We walked around the downtown area. We shopped in Tapp18, which was also featured on the show.

We visited the shop that was transformed for the barber shop on the show that is now a bookstore. We saw the bullet hole in the door that they showcased.

We stopped in several of the shops.

We saw the house from the movie The Big Fish, which by the way we have never watched. We’ve been told that we need to, maybe we’ll try to find it to watch.

We went on the street that they transformed to a walking area only that has white lights hanging from one side of the street to the other. Several of the shops on the street were open, but they are doing so much work on the end of that street that it’s hard to know without walking down the street. We found there were not as many people on this street as there was on the other. I’m sure it was the construction that had them confused about things being open there.

We heard in one store that the houses that they remodeled were across the bridge. We drove over there and went down a street or two, but with no directions we didn’t see any that we remembered seeing on the show. So we decided it was time to head north.

Next stop was The Peach Park for cantaloupe ice cream for my birthday.

It was an enjoyable birthday spent exploring.

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