Savannah – Take 2

We decided to visit Savannah, GA for a second time. We watched the weather reports and the track for Tropical Storm Claudette. We had thought that it was going be moved out by the time we left on Father’s day, but that was not the case. We ended up traveling east with it. The rain was only heavy a couple of times, thankfully for the most part it was light and a few times we ran thru spots with no rain.

This time we decided that we’d go thru Augusta. We had plans to stop and check out Hilton Head, SC on the way, but with the tropical depression we changed plans and went on to Savannah.

We got lunch in Augusta. We turned to Yelp and headed for a restaurant choice. We decided on I heart Mac & Cheese, I mean that’s our kind of place right????? Well we get there and guess what it’s CLOSED!!! Imagine our disappointment. Everything we found showed that it should have been open. Well we decided to got back to the previous exit as that is where all the major restaurants were. We got messed up and ended up taking a street that didn’t have any spots to turnaround until we ended up in downtown Augusta. There were a couple places there, but nothing that intrigued us. So we headed back towards I-20 and stopped in Top Dawg Tavern. We made our decisions and then found out that they were out of some things on the menu, one being chicken fingers. Our waiter told us it was the end of the week and they had ran out of some things after we were trying to order. He should have started with that. LOL! What we did have was good. We started with the cheese mini-muffins off the brunch menu. They tasted like the Jim N Nicks biscuits. Jeff had the French toast and I had the brisket mac & cheese. The brisket was good, but the mac and cheese tasted like it was out of a box.

We did appreciate that they had a table set for the missing soldiers,

We left the restaurant during a period of heavy rain. Thankfully it slacked off as we got back to the interstate. We made our way to Savannah. When we arrived at the hotel it was thankfully not raining. We got checked into our room, rested and then decided to look for a dinner place. We had heard about Corleone’s Trattoria an Italian restaurant. We checked and online there weren’t any reservations available. Jeff called just to check and they said that they could do 8:15. So we took it since it doesn’t really get dark there until after 9:00. We went and found the restaurant and then walked over to the City Market area. We waited there until it was about time for our reservation.

The restaurant was slow as they are short staffed, but the food was really good. I had the spaghetti and meatballs and Jeff had the Adult Mac and Cheese since we missed out on it at lunch.

Monday morning and Wednesday morning we went to one of the restaurants that we came back for!! Mirabelle Cafe across from the Cathedral of St John the Baptist. They have the best liege waffles. Since we didn’t go on on Tuesday I had 2 on Wednesday because there were 2 that I wanted to try and I couldn’t decide between. Thankfully they are small waffles. On Monday I had the peach cobbler and on Wednesday I had the lemon zinger and the fluffernutter. They were all delicious!! Jeff went with the plain waffle with caramel syrup and on Wednesday he added whipped cream to his.

Since it was raining on Sunday and Monday looked to be a pretty much rain free day we decided to go to Hilton Head Island. We drove over and went to lunch at The Salty Dog cafe. We opted to eat outside. It didn’t seem that hot when we got there, but it ended up being really hot. We again had to wait awhile on our food. Jeff went with the chicken finger basket and I had the blackened mahi tacos with potato salad. The food was good despite the heat.

After lunch we decided to go see if we could find a public beach. With it having been so hot at lunch we were drained. The spot we stopped at had what appeared a half mile walk from the parking lot to the beach so we decided to bypass the beach. We stopped in at TJ Maxx and then Kilwin’s for ice cream. We then decided to find the light house, guess where it was….. it was in the same area that we had lunch which was a gated area that we had already paid $9 for a day pass. So we headed back and found the Harbor Town Lighthouse. There were 114 steps to the top. This one was shorter than the other 2 that we have visited. They have a gift shop area at the base and at the top where you go out on the observation deck. The stairs in this one was not the spiral open grate stairs, these were just like regular wood stairs so since you couldn’t see down you didn’t really realize how high you were. They also had different displays that each level to look at. We went out at the top and took pictures and then headed back down in search of something to drink. Guess what we forgot???? To take a picture from the outside. We realized it the next day. LOL!! I found a picture on the internet so what we have a picture of the outside, photographer unknown.

On the way back to Savannah we stopped in at the Tanger Oulet, but didn’t see a store that we just had to go in. So we stayed in the cool car and head back.

We went straight to Wormsloe Plantation, but we got there after they had closed. But I did get the iconic picture thru the gate.

Monday night’s dinner was at Lady & Son’s. It was one of the best meals. We had also eaten here last time when it was buffet. This one is family style. We ordered grilled chicken and meatloaf with green lima beans, mac & cheese, mashed potatoes and poppyseed salad. My favorite was the salad and the green lima beans. It was all good, but these were what I enjoyed the most.

Tuesday was a rainy day. The rain lasted until about 2:00. We went across the street to J. Christopher’s for breakfast.

We waited out the rain and then we in search for lunch. We ended up at B & D Burgers. We then walked over to the new River Street Plant District. They have added some new places to River Street but they need to update some of the older places to match these new places. They had a really cool WWII Memorial. It looks like a globe, but when you get up to it there is a walkway in the middle with informative plaques and pictures. On the way back to the hotel we stopped in Chocolat by Adam Turoni. They make all the chocolates in house. They have them in display cases and they give you a set of tongs and a tray so that you can choose what you want. They were all delicious!!

For dinner we went to a place next to the hotel called Treylor Park – Hitch. When we first started reviewing the menu we saw a fried bologna sandwich. Then we realized it was for another location across town around River Street, but we didn’t want to walk that far, so we went with the one next door.

Wednesday morning we walked to Forsyth Park before breakfast at the Mirabelle Cafe. We passed Jones Street on the way.

Here are some pictures from our walk to the park and other sights from the week.

Savannah is a walking city. We only got in the car on Monday when we went to Hilton Head and on Wednesday when we left. We walked everywhere we went. We stayed at the same hotel as last time the Desoto – Savannah. It is is in historic district and is a quick walk to everywhere in the city. Everything was an 8-10 minute walk.

If you recall our last trip I talked about the number of homeless people. I have linked it here. We did see quite a few this trip. We had one man to ask us for money twice and a lady who told Jeff that they took her rocks. We saw them laying on park benches, laying out on the sidewalk in front of stores. I even saw one man roll a joint while he was sitting outside of a restaurant.

On the way home I drove, I napped, I navigated very cautiously as I am not the navigator. I did find that if we stayed on our mapped path that the traffic going into Atlanta was going to add an hour to our trip. So we got off the interstate and took the scenic route. We had lunch in Griffin, GA and worked our way to Bremen/Carrollton and got back on I-20.

It was an enjoyable trip and as you can see all we did was eat. LOL!! We didn’t go with a packed agenda, actually the only thing we planned was to visit Hilton Head Island, SC and eat. So we crossed everything off that short list.

Can’t wait to see what’s next up.

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