Another day another adventure!!


You just never know where we are going to end up. LOL! We went to lunch at Walk On’s and then on to furniture looking down 65 south. We didn’t think about it being a holiday weekend when we headed down 65 South towards Calera. We made it to Alabaster and hit the traffic. We have traveled I-65 so much that we know it’s hit or miss whether you will have a smooth ride or need to start searching for an alternate route off the interstate. We finally got to the Shelby County airport exit and we got off and went on an alternate route. We finally made it to the furniture store. We looked around, but nothing caught our eye. So off we went.

We decided to take the long way back rather than fighting the traffic on the interstate that was backed up both ways when we exited. So we put in the destination of Montevallo. When we got close, I was like hey were are in the area, see how close we are to Orr Park. We were actually about a mile from it and was going to pass it. So we get there and we turn on the road at the sign which had been hit and was leaning over. So the sign we didn’t see was that this was not a vehicle entrance. Uh oh!! When we finally realized that we were on a walking track we turned around and went back the way we came. That is when we saw the sign that was laying sideways with the “this is not a vehicle entrance” facing the ground. So……back to our maps app we go and found the correct entrance. LOL!! Always an adventure!!

So what is special about Orr Park? It is a unique 40 acre park and nature preserve located in Montevallo, AL. It is bordered by Shoal Creek. It has picnic areas, a playground, open fields for sports. It is most known for the magical carvings in the cedar trees located around the park. They were carved into storm damaged cedar trees in the 90’s.

There were a lot of cars there and very few available parking spots. Since this was a spur of the moment trip, I wasn’t prepared with my camera or with actual walking shoes. Thankfully it is a small circle that was an easy walk. The entrance bridge though is made with uneven cross tie like timbers.

When we finished we mapped our way home and we had a couple options, so we opted for one that we had not taken before. We ended our day of what felt like driving from south and northeast of Birmingham. It was a long day, but an enjoyable. We made the best of heavy traffic and made a stop off the beaten path!!

On to the next adventure!!!

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