Wanna know our secret?

We are often asked how we find all of these restaurants that we visit. Well it’s really not a secret.

Let’s talk about the different ways that we find these places.

  • Social Media – we are always watching social media feeds for posts about restaurants, both new and new to us. We are members of several Facebook groups that are always sharing places to eat.
  • Websites – some we have found from stories on websites, such as AL.com.
  • Word of mouth – friends share with us places that we need to check out.
  • Exploring – when driving around if we pass a place that looks interesting we add to our list and research it later.
  • Yelp – this app has helped us decide on numerous occasions.

So how do we keep up with all these places of interest? We have a shared note on our phone that we add them to. We actually have a list of places to try and a list of places we have tried.

So when it’s time to pick a place we look at the menus. This could be a quick look on the way or it could be an extensive look and comparison of menus to make a decision.

Happy dining!

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