We Tried to Love It!!

Have you ever seen, heard or found out about a restaurant and you got your heart set on it only for it to not be as great as you thought?? Well that happened to us. Back in 2021 you may recall seeing a post about a trip we took to Savannah, GA where we found a restaurant in Augusta on Yelp that we were really looking forward to only to get to the restaurant and find that they were closed. If not you can read about it here https://twomoodyjones.com/2021/06/28/savannah-take-2/

Well that restaurant was I heart Mac and Cheese and one recently opened in the Birmingham suburb of Hoover. It’s been on our list since it opened. A few weeks ago we were in the Hoover area and decided that was the day. I mean who doesn’t like mac & cheese???

When we got there they asked if we had been in before. They described it as the “Subway” of mac & cheese. You start by choosing a base of pasta, tater tots, broccoli, cauliflower, quinoa or a grilled cheese and then you choose your toppings. They do have a few signature bowls and sandwiches you can choose from and just add any toppings that you’d like. Sounds pretty great right??? So I did the build your own bowl and started with a pasta base with the cheese sauce. I added broccoli and bacon and topped with cheddar cheese. Jeff went with the classic Mac bowl. When you are finished they run it thru a small oven type appliance that heats it up. It has like a conveyor belt that moves the bowl thru the machine.

We did get the combo which came with a side and a drink. We got the signature mac bites, why not LOL!!! and the cinnamon cheesecake bites. They came in cute little heart shaped bowls.

Well we were disappointed, I guess we had high hopes for cheese sauce that tasted somewhat homemade and not like it came out of a can. The mac bites were better than the actual mac & cheese. Jeff enjoyed the cheesecake bites, but I didn’t care for them. It was heart crushing to have waited so long for this day and it be such a disappointment in taste. I’m sure there are people that love it, maybe we would have liked it better had we not waited 2 years to be able to visit and then it not live up to our expectations.

Well on to the next place!!!

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