Davenport’s Pizza

Have you heard of Davenport’s Pizza Palace in Mountain Brook? Chances are if you are from the Birmingham area you have as they have been in business since 1964, but…….have you heard of Davenport’s Pizza Palace in Vestavia Hills?? Well it’s the same owners, as they’ve recently opened a second location at the Vestavia City Center on Highway 31 in Vestavia.

We recently had a weeknight date night to see the movie “Across the Spider-verse” at the AMC in Vestavia and we chose to grab a bite at Davenport’s. We’ve eaten at the one in Mountain Brook before. We went with a build your own pizza and we did pepperoni, sausage and bacon. The pizza was a round pizza cut in square pieces.

I started off with an expensive bowl of lettuce, I mean salad. LOL. A salad sounded good and I could use to get some veggies in, albeit it was mainly iceburg lettuce, which I know has little nutritional value, but hey it was some sort of vegetable. I had the house Italian dressing.

How cool that the menu was printed on a wooden pizza paddle? It’s called a pizza peel, did you know that? I didn’t, I had to look it up. LOL!

Both locations have an area with arcade games. We didn’t check it out while we were there as there was a party going on and when we finished dinner it was time to head to the theater for our movie.

The food was good and we’ll keep them on our list of places to eat when we are going to a movie.

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