Biltmore House


In the fall we planned our vacation for places we visited places before and a few new places. By the end of the the trip we had actually been thru 5 states!!

We started our trip with breakfast in Leeds and then we hit I-20 and headed East thru Atlanta. For lunch we were in north Georgia. We used Yelp to find a non-chain place to eat. The first place we found was closed. So we kept looking and ended up in the small town of Lavonia and ate at a restaurant called Phil Your Belly. It was really good and maybe one day a trip will take us back thru the area.

We arrived at our hotel in downtown Asheville, NC late afternoon. We stayd at Hotel Indigo. It offered beautiful mountain views and was very convenient to downtown Asheville. The lady that checked us in offered a few dinner recommendations. We got settled in and then we went for a walk to check out the area. We weren’t hungry so we just walked around, visited a few stores and then went back to the room. We had decided that we’d go out later when we were hungry, but when we got settled in, we decided to just snack and not go back out.

On Wednesday we visited the Biltmore House. We got there early as they advised and there was not a lot of traffic so we were able to get in quickly. We had time to waste while we waited. We visited the stores on site, we walked thru the gardens. We had lunch at the Stable Cafe.

We did not take one of the radios to listen to as we explored the house, did we miss some information, probably, do we care nah!!! We enjoyed taking in the architecture and decorations of the home. We did have to pass a lot of people that were listening to the stories. There are some places that were really jammed packed with people that we had to take baby steps to get thru.

After we toured the house we went back to the gardens and took our time walking thru. What we did notice is that when you leave, you drive THRU the gardens. I felt that this was very dangerous for those walking to the gardens and not really paying attention. They should probably have more signs on the walkways to pay attention that there could be cars coming. The drivers of the cars could not be paying attention as they are looking out at the gardens and taking it all in. This was one part that bothered me.

Afterwards we visited the village area on the grounds and then we rode around the area outside of the Biltmore. We then made our way back to the hotel. We had decided that we were going to eat at a restaurant that we had found the day before, but when we got back there it had closed early. I mean with a maiden name of EARLEY how could we not eat at The Early Girl Eatery??? Well I tried but wasn’t able to since they closed early. Instead we ended up eating at Carmel’s Kitchen & Bar.

We had to eat somewhere in the area, we couldn’t go to Asheville and not eat. We had to check out some of what the area had to offer.

The next day we started the next leg of our trip by heading towards Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge. Stay tuned for that post.

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