Happy Birthday Boy!!!


Ryan, today would have have been your 29th birthday. This is your first birthday without us and oh how you are missed!!!

I wasn’t there the day you took your first breath and I wasn’t there when you took your last, but I was there for everything in between.

I miss your hugs and those wet kisses. You had the biggest caring heart and loved everyone around you. You were the one we all counted on.

You always let everyone know you loved them, but boy could you be AGGRAVATING!!

You’ve always had a smile on your face and loved to make people laugh. You didn’t want anyone feeling down when you were around.

You were the first one to call us Aunt Jeff and Uncle Julie.

One time you stayed with us you and Tyler watched the movie Hook and for what seemed forever you went around saying: Lookie lookie I got Hookie!

What I wouldn’t give for another poke in the ribs or one of those big hugs and wet kisses!!!

I’ll miss you forever Boy!!

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